The White Earth Reservation is faced with many health and economic challenges. High rates of diabetes, poor mental health, socioeconomic constraints, and limited entrepreneurial opportunities reduce possibilities for people to thrive. Our Elders are particularly vulnerable.

We are in the first phase of our plan to promote food sovereignty within reservation boundaries and are working with our community and regional partners. This phase uses input from the community about the health and economic needs of our tribal Elders to create and sustain the Elder-Farm-to-Plate program on the White Earth Reservation.

Our mission is to support and encourage the health and well-being of life on the White Earth Reservation.

We believe in a future where all Anishinaabeg and Native/First Nations peoples nourish their bodies and minds with readily available fresh Native and heirloom food, returning to our ancestors’ way: Bimaadiziwin, the Good Life.